Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips For Everyone

Having problems with your air conditioner? Many problems you have with your air conditioner may resolved by simple do it yourself maintenance steps you can take. The old saying “Keep it simple stupid” goes a long way. Before assuming that you have a major technical problem that requires a conditioner repairman to fix after charging you a fortune, start by doing a few simple air conditioning maintenance steps and checking some obvious problems.

First you always should be sure you have a clean air filter in your system. If you unit was not cooling and you noticed ice buildup on or around your indoor or outdoor unit you should turn the air conditioner off and fan on for 6-8 hours to allow the ice to thaw. Remember the ice you see from the outside of your system is only a small part of it. Most ice build up is on the evaporator or coil inside your duct work that you can not see so be sure to let it thaw for 6-8 hours before turning your unit back on. Once you turn it back on be sure your filter is clean, all registers are open, the area around all supply and return registers is clear. If your system freezes up again once you start it you will need to call qualified air conditioner repairman. Your system could be low on freon. If he adds freon but is not able to locate the leak you can try a “freon leak repair kit” sold online that is easy to put into your system. godrej 1 ton split inverter ac

Another very important maintenance practice it to clean your air conditioner coils. Spray them with a quality coil cleaner, let soak and flush them out. Clear all grass and bushes from within 12 inches of the outdoor unit. You can purchase a air conditioner maintenance kit online that includes coil cleaner, coil cleaning brush, fin comb and coil coating treatment. Your outdoor or condenser coil should be cleaned at least once or twice a season. Your indoor coil may not need to be done as often if you are keeping up on replacing as well as using quality air filter. Keeping your coils clean also helps keep your utility bills lower. Be sure to turn power off to your unit at the main breaker before doing any work on your system. Also be sure wear safety glasses and gloves when using any coil cleaner. A dirty evaporator or indoor coil can also cause your system to freeze up. A dirty condenser or outdoor coil will cause your ac to not cool as well in hotter outdoor air temperatures. Another sign your outdoor unit needs to be cleaned is that the smaller copper line leaving the unit is too hot to touch when the system is running. Keep in mind just because you do not see dirt on your outdoor coil does not mean it is not dirty. A good coil cleaner will inject deep into the coil to loosen and lift the dirt out. Both problems can cause premature compressor failure.

Water leaking around your air handler or indoor unit may caused by a blocked condensate drain.

Your condensate drain should be blown out and condensate pan tablets placed into the evaporator pan a few times a season (If accessible). This prevents dirt and slime build up in your pan and drain lines. Condensate pan tablets can also be purchased online. If your system is leaking water and you also notice ice clearing then the drain will not resolve the problem. You will need to check the problems mentioned earlier in this article.

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